Slides from ng-conf Lollapalooza Lighting Talks 2023!

Slides from ng-conf Lollapalooza Lighting Talks 2023!

We are excited to look back on the incredible experience of the first-ever in-person Angular Community Meetup that took place at ng-conf 2023.

The Lightning Talks Lollapalooza showcased a series of exhilarating 5-minute presentations, all centered around Angular. From expert insights to innovative ideas, each talk brought a burst of energy and inspiration to the audience. It was a night filled with exciting discussions, shared knowledge, and plenty of networking opportunities.

If you missed out on this one-of-a-kind event, don't worry! We've got you covered. Check out this blog post containing the slides for each talk, allowing you to catch up on the valuable insights and key takeaways from the Lightning Talks Lollapalooza.

Stay tuned for more meetups here and on Twitter.

The last “ng-content vs ng-template” comparison you ever need

Chau Tran | Slides

Content Projection or Dynamic Template Render? Let’s learn together about the pros and cons of both.

Dynamic Forms in 2023

Mateo Tibaquira | Slides

A new approach to building dynamic forms is possible using the latest features and improvements of Angular, building a modern and simpler solution to this historically recurrent topic. Let's meet @myndpm/dyn-forms dynamic provisioning of all that we need to build and reuse our form components!

Being Actively Reactive with NgRx

Sangeeta Satish Joshi | Slides

NgRx is a framework for building reactive applications in Angular. When we are building our Angular application, we usually have the state split and handled in multiple services. As our application grows, keeping track of ‘app state changes becomes complex. It starts to get messy and is hard to debug and maintain. There are scenarios, where an application contains a lot of user interactions and/or multiple data sources.

Also, managing the state's services is not sufficient at times. In all such scenarios, NgRx will come to the rescue. This short session will cover how we can leverage ‘the store’ from NgRx to manage our application’s (shared) state. We will observe that understanding the flow of data in our application becomes incredibly easy and predictable. With NgRx Store, we can write Angular applications that are performant, consistent, and easier to test and debug. brewtechblue/AngularNgRxDemo.git

Component Testing in Angular with Jest

Blair Lierman | Slides

4 tools to help you test a component's public API with Jest: SIFERS, jest-auto-spies, Angular Testing Library and Test Harnesses


Building a robust WebSocket interface using RxJs

Craig Shearer | Slides

Covers how to use the RxJs WebSocketSubject class to build a robust web socket for bidirectional communication with a back end, with automatic re-connection after errors occur.

"There is a new Sheriff in Town": Modularity in Angular

Rainer Hahnekamp | Slides

Sheriff is a lightweight ESLint plugin that brings dependency rules and encapsulation to your Nx or Angular CLI-powered applications.

Write generators better than NX

William Neely | Slides

Generators are an amazing tool for standardizing the way your enterprise code is written. But the default way of writing a generator is broken and contributes to tech debt when you have to refactor code. Learn how you can write more maintainable generators by utilizing OOD principles.

Isolating Tests by avoiding TestBed

Bradley Carestia | Slides

Discuss how using pure unit tests, and not using TestBed, can make unit tests faster, less fragile, and better isolated.

Introducing Angular Signals in 5 Minutes

Dhananjay Kumar | Slides

Angular has introduced Signal for fine-grained reactivity and possibly to run the Change Detector only for the components where data has changed instead of the whole component tree. This 5-minute talk will introduce you to signals in 5 slides. Those five slides will have the following items: signals, computed signals, effects, set and update the method, and an Example Using Signals.

Angular Web Components + State Management

Kate Sky | Slides

Exploring @angular/elements for micro-front-end architecture. State management, integration and implementation